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This site holds a few geocaching specific web sites and projects related to his geocaching hobbie. For those that don't know, geocaching is a GPS treasure hunt game. For more information please see the http://www.geocaching.com/ web site where the game is described in full.

Cache Designer

Yamar's Geocaching Software

Since very little software runs on linux, which is my primary environment, I ended up writing my own to fill my needs. It should run on linux, windows, and macOS (X). For details and project status please check out it's web page:

My Best Caching Projects:

Caches: Travel Bugs:

Generating cache density plots has been fun:

My GeoQO database software (free) has the ability to create density plots which are viewable in google earth. The following images show two example outputs, the first showing all the caches in my database between N38-N39 and W121-W122 (1905 caches). The (zipped) Google Earth file for this is here if you want to load it yourself and zoom around. (The GeoQO software will also include cache locations themselves, but these files and prints don't show that.)

The blank areas without any color overlay contain no caches in the search set (possibly because I don't have a pocket query covering that area.)

(Click on the images for a larger view.)

This is a similar map, but shows only includes caches I haven't found (and is also a slightly smaller area). The google earth file is here

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